Northlands / 2018

There are landscapes that penetrate your body through all the senses, freeing yourself of all the things you don’t need. The splashing of melted snow from the mountain tops to the fiords is the only, incessant noise, inside and outside of you.
This collection is inspired by my trip to Scandinavia, its landscapes and the close bond between nature and the men who inhabit those lands. Scandinavian art, literature, architecture and design have always been influenced in the shapes and colors by the overwhelming beauty of those lands.
In the same way, my jewelry pieces’s shapes, construction and nuances are inspired by all that I still bring with me, in my heart, after that trip.
I used silicone molds to create concrete branches and stones and a birch multilayer that I shape using hot water and then paint. These two elements are connected together with handcrafted brass inserts.

jewelry artist
Lodovica Fusco
Nika Furlani

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