CWML-Conversation with my landscape / 2019

I live between the sea and the hills, and the whole nature surrounds me. Its silence and its sounds comfort and upset me at the same time. Stepping into nature evokes a childhood memory, like the way you feel after a new emotion. The senses thrive, feeding on the life that is all around me. Away from the people, in loneliness, I find words in the rocks washed by the waves, and caresses in the strong wind coming from the woods. Nature accompanies me, like an old friend. With this collection I wanted to illustrate the special relationship I have with my land.
This is why white and green dominates, the white of the stones that overflow on the soil of the Karst plateau under the sun and the green of the branches covered with moss in the light of the sunset. Each stone eaten by the sea and each branch broken by the Bora wind are imperfect and beautiful. I collected some and used them as molds into which I poured natural resin. I combined these resin pieces with the warm nuances of oak wood, brass, copper and gold.

jewelry artist
Lodovica Fusco
Nika Furlani

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