Nest / fw 2015-16

This year’s f/w collection recalls, both in the shapes and in the execution, a bird’s nest.
Just like birds pick from the ground twigs and little pieces of various materials, for THE NEST the recycling and use of small leather pieces –otherwise destined to waste– is key.
Each creation, precisely because we recycle discarded materials, is unique.
Red, blue, yellow, purple and black are combined with brass wire and wood, entirely handcrafted.
Like each nest is made with different materials because it was constructed by the birds at different times and in different places, also each COLLANEvrosi piece is totally unique, because the items are all handcrafted and feature new color shades every time.
Each creation, therefore, is like a nest: it encompasses and tells a story.

jewellery designer
Lodovica Fusco
Nika Furlani

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