How many women have fallen in love with someone before falling in love with themselves? How many still can’t do it altogether? How many love themselves at least one day in a whole year? It is so easy to accept the flaws of those around you, and so difficult to embrace yours.

Some time ago, I was having a beer with a friend who told me: “I bought myself an engagement ring, I think everyone should do it!” At first I laughed but … Well, I think she was right somehow… A funny self-declaration of love!

We’re flawed, we must come to terms with that.
And even that woman you see every day at work, or at the gym, who looks so flawless, probably will never think she is. We have to love ourselves first, it will be the hardest relationship of our life, but it’s worth it!

I am Lodo, I am a contemporary jewelry designer and artisan, and during the lockdown I have been thinking about the relationship every woman has with herself, inspired by such thoughts, I crafted a number of rings, based on a wax mould. They are irregular, they are tongue-in-cheek replicas of a classic engagement ring. Yes, they are imperfect, but that doesn’t mean they are wrong! And I think they have marked the beginning of a new capsule collection: “It’s not an engagement ring!”
7 brass rings, based on a wax mould. The gold plating plays on a concept of “appearance” and the holes where the gemstones, or their almost childlike reproduction, should be set, will be enameled in vibrant hues!


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