Kauri / ss 2016

The Kauri seashell, with its stunning oval shape and glowing reflections, was the first coin used in the history of humanity.
Used in China, India, Africa and Asia, its success was due mainly to its beauty and lightness, but most of allĀ  to its safety, because Kauri is probably the only coin in the world that is impossible to forge.
The new S/S 2016 collection by COLLANEvrosi is inspired by the delicate shapes and golden reflections of the Kauri seashells. Just like them, each jewelry piece is light, thanks to the materials employed, andĀ  one-of-a-kind, as it is entirely hand-crafted.
Birch plywood, cut and molded in warm water and then impregnated to achieve the right color shade, is combined with brass and clear silicon sheets, with the addition of recycled leather pieces that recall oriental bright, summery colors.

jewellery designer
Lodovica Fusco
Nika Furlani

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